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Our projects

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Projects developed and maintained by DedicatedPHP

Here you can find projects carried out and managed by DedicatedPHP


Afilnet offers telecommunications & marketing services . This project requires advanced developments at the intranet level, APIs and interconnection with multiple channels (SMS, WhatsAPP Business, Social Networks, Email Marketing and Voice).

  • Realization of platform for client management & white label solutions.
  • Realization of multiple APIs in PHP (RESTful, SOAP and HTTP).
  • Integrations with PHP platforms (Wordpress, Prestashop, WooCommerce, etc.).
  • Creation of SMPP clients & servers.
  • Integration with multiple payment platforms with PHP.
  • Integration with email, certified channels and specific protocols with PHP.
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Comparor is an ecommerce platform that compares millions of products in thousands of stores. Comparor is an ecommerce platform developed entirely by our team.

  • Multi-store eCommerce platform
  • Integration with APIs from Google Cloud, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure
  • Template customization
  • Creating a web crawler in PHP
  • Big Data information analysis platform
  • API for updating & notification of prices
  • Image creation & manipulation
  • Automated management of CSV, Excel and TXT files
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Translafy is a platform that allows you to search for translations on the internet and offers you suggestions on how to translate words and phrases correctly.

  • Crawler & Data mining of translations
  • Linguistic analysis in PHP
  • Development of translation tools
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Airbip is a cloud hosting platform that allows the creation of service instances in a matter of seconds.

  • Automated Instance Management
  • Management of multiple servers
  • Automated backup management
  • Integration of third-party tools

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