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We develop professional solutions in PHP

Analisys of requirements

Every project begins with a Requirements Analysis, for this, DedicatedPHP will put at your disposal a Project Manager who will help you make the best decisions during the process of developing your software.

Our Project Manager will act as a link between your company and the development team, acting with the utmost professionalism to guarantee compliance with the estimated deadlines.

Project development

Our company will put at your disposal a Project Manager who will plan with your company the contracted development hours and tasks to be carried out by our expert PHP programmers.

Our Project Manager will act as a link between your company and the development team, acting with the utmost professionalism to guarantee compliance with the estimated deadlines.

Project delivery

Our team will deliver / publish the project.

Our company has extensive experience in implementing solutions on dedicated servers and cloud platforms (Amazon AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure).


After the delivery, the maintenance of the contracted software will be carried out.

During the maintenance stage, the following tasks are performed:

  • Troubleshooting incidents and bugs.
  • Project architecture improvements.
  • Code optimization and performance.
  • Functional improvements.

Custom project contracting process

We help your company to expand your development team.



Contact us and we will schedule a meeting to discuss your hiring needs.


Analisys of requirements

Our company will carry out an analysis of the software requirements that you want to develop.


Project development

Our company will carry out the development following the roadmap agreed with the client.



Once the project is finished, the maintenance process begins.

Some projects carried out

Discover cases of real projects that we have budgeted and carried out

A real estate franchise needs a tool that allows it to track and obtain rental prices and homes for sale, to be able to analyze the evolution of the market and to be able to better advise its clients, so it asks us for a tailored quote.

A PHP tool is made for them, consisting of a crawler server that periodically and automatically tracks the information, and a user back-end where each franchisee can access the information in a cataloged and structured way.

Thanks to this tool they manage to grow 20% in a year and be more competitive than their competition.

Real Estate Data Mining

custom project

A marketing company wants to launch a B2B platform so that website owners can promote themselves by publishing campaigns and articles on blogs, press and other websites, so they contact us.

An analysis of requirements is carried out and a project proposal is made with a planning of 1 year and a half.

The project was successfully developed, although the delivery was made 3 months later due to changes in the initial requirements .

B2B platform

custom project

An HR company contacts us because they need to develop a custom module for SuiteCRM that allows them to adapt the platform to their clients' selection processes.

A development proposal is made for said module, which the client accepts and the development begins. That is delivered within the established deadlines.

HR company

custom module


Frequently asked questions about our custom quotes

If you do not find an answer to any of your questions, you can always contact our team that will help you in everything that is necessary.

Our company offers a flexible payment method, in which the client initially pays 2 months of work in advance, and then pays month by month, for example, for a project that lasts 6 months and starts in January, the client would pay: January (2 Months), February (1 Month), March (1 Month), April (1 Month) and May (1 Month), June (not paid) and your project would be delivered at the end of June.

In the event that your company cannot face or has to delay your project, it will be put on standby.

You can resume your project at any time, but first you must contact us to study the availability of the team for its resumption, the project will be resumed in the agreed terms and manner.

In the event that your company decides not to continue the development of the project, the project will stop and the client will not have to pay the following monthly payments.

Yes, in this modality we only accept projects in which the company hires the requirements analysis previously.

Our company always performs the analysis of the requirements of the projects that we develop to measure.

Contracting the study is mandatory for companies that wish to contract this modality.

Our company only carries out projects that have a minimum duration of 3 months. If you want to know an estimated duration of your project, contact us.

In the analysis of requirements, dates are established in which our team will publish the versions of your software with the characteristics given by the flowchart.

On these dates the team will show the client the progress, and the client will be able to review the evolution. Keep in mind that requesting changes will influence delivery times and therefore the final cost of the project.

Yes, the budget will include software maintenance for 6 months, this maintenance is mandatory, since it is aimed not only at resolving incidents, but also at optimizing the operation of the project and making functional improvements.

After these 6 months the company will have the possibility of hiring a monthly maintenance.

Yes, you can request changes at any time during the development of the project, but keep in mind that any change will imply changes in the delivery time and cost of the project.

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