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PHP Frameworks

We develop your project in your preferred framework

We are specialists in the development of solutions and projects in PHP, our company has carried out more than +100 developments in different frameworks.

We have experience in all kinds of developments in PHP, we can offer solutions to your company in the following frameworks:

  • Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Zend, Laminas, etc.

In addition, our company offers development support in the following PHP solutions:

  • WordPress, SuiteCRM and Prestashop

Front End Frameworks

We complement your PHP project with front-end development

There are many different types of JavaScript frameworks available to developers. Each framework has its own unique benefits and features that make it ideal for different types of projects, at DedicatedPHP we work with the following frameworks/libraries:

  • Angular, React, Vue.js, Node.js and jQuery

We also work with different CSS frameworks, these frameworks allow us to offer you more attractive pages and applications, some of the frameworks where we have experience are:

  • Bootstrap, Foundation, Bulma, PureCSS, etc.

Agile methodologies

We work with agile methodologies to accelerate your developments

Agile methodologies are a set of principles for software development that emphasize teamwork, collaboration, and flexibility . In an agile environment, teams work in short sprints to deliver software that is ready for customer feedback. This allows companies to make changes quickly and efficiently, ensuring that the final product meets customer needs.

At DedicatedPHP we work with agile methodologies to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and meet the needs of our customers . Our team of experts are experienced in working in an agile environment and can quickly adapt to changes. This allows us to offer products that our customers love.

Analisys of requirements

The key to achieving the objectives set by the client

In software development, requirements analysis is the first stage of the systems development process. It helps to identify and establish what a new system must do to meet the needs of the company or organization. The client actively participates in this process through interviews, focus groups, document analysis and surveys. The goal is to collect input from stakeholders to better understand their needs and expectations for the new system.

Once the requirements have been collected and analyzed, a requirements specification document will be created that will serve as a roadmap for the rest of the project. This document will help ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page and that the final product meets their needs.

The document that is delivered contains the following information:

  • All cataloged information (interviews, audios, documents, etc.).
  • Use cases.
  • Traceability matrix (includes relationships between elements).
  • Gantt chart (Resources and task breakdown).

Project Maintenance

We make your PHP project better every day

Our team of experts will work with you to create a customized maintenance plan tailored to the specific needs of your business. We'll help you keep your software up to date and running smoothly, so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

  • We make the necessary changes to adapt your project to the latest versions of PHP.
  • We keep all external libraries up to date.
  • We remove bottlenecks from your developments.
  • We solve technical incidents of your software in PHP.
  • We update the framework of your application to the latest version.
  • We make backup copies.

Document Management

How we manage project documentation

Document management is a critical component of any software project . By properly managing documents, project managers can track progress, ensure quality control, and make sure all stakeholders have the information they need.

There are a few key steps to effective document management for a software project:

  • Establish a clear document management system. This should include defining who is responsible for each type of document, where the documents will be stored, and how they will be organized.
  • Make sure all project stakeholders are aware of the document management system and know how to access the information they need.
  • Periodically update and revise documents throughout the project life cycle . This will help ensure accuracy and keep everyone on the same page.

By following these steps, project managers can ensure that their software projects run smoothly and that all documents are properly managed.


We keep your software bug free

Testing is an essential part of software development. It helps ensure software quality and identify potential issues before the software is put into production. Proper test planning and execution is essential to ensure that all areas of the software are covered and tests are performed efficiently.

By conducting extensive testing, developers can be confident that the software they are creating is of high quality and will meet the needs of users.

The tests that our company carries out in all our projects are the following:

  • Unit testing with PHPUnit
  • Realization of integration (communication between components)
  • Functional Testing with Selenium
  • Non-functional testing with jMeter (performance and load tests)
  • Integration testing


We publish your project with the best guarantees

At DedicatedPHP we adapt to your integration needs, we have experience in publishing projects in the cloud and on cloud servers, as well as the application of continuous integration techniques for the automation of testing and publication of projects in containers.

  • Cloud servers Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure
  • Version control in GIT / SVN
  • Maintenance and Optimization of Dedicated Servers
  • Continuous integration of PHP projects
  • Container Management with Dockers


Frequently asked questions about our methodology

If you do not find an answer to any of your questions, you can always contact our team that will help you in everything that is necessary.

DedicatedPHP programmers analyze the team's current way of working and adapt transparently, so as not to interfere but rather to enhance current development.

In any case, our company will make proposals to the client on how to improve the development process, which the client may accept or reject based on their preferences.

Yes, we adapt to the needs of the client, we can participate in any stage of development : definition of requirements, software development, testing, maintenance or publication.

No, we are specialized in developing software in PHP and our goal is to be the best in this field, so we do not carry out training of any kind.

No, our company focuses on PHP development and technologies that complement these developments in some way. We do not work on any other technology that does not appear on our website.

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